Success Story: In Vitro Fertilization
May 1, 2016
Success Story: In Vitro Fertilization
June 1, 2016

Success Story: Donor Eggs


My story is truly a special miracle to me and now my family. I met Dr. Berin January 2012 after many failed attempts with other doctors and medicine. My husband and I decided to give it one more try. We literally put all our eggs in one basket. After borrowing from credit cards and taking out a loan to pay for this one time attempt we were ready. Sadly to say that in April 2012 our attempt failed. Unfortunately, we could not afford to try a second time. It took me weeks to accept the fact that this is “my life – childless”. It was January 2015, that I received a call from a staff member to see if this chapter in our life is closed. My response was simple, “it’s a hard chapter to close” but we moved on. I was told that Dr. Berin has been thinking about me and my husband and feels that we should try again. That she would do what it takes to make this happen. After having this discussion with my husband that night, we could not believe that we are giving a second chance – it was unbelievable. At this point what do I have to lose? I know what the pain and disappointment feels like, so why not try again. I set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Berin, we hugged and cried together. I knew that moment that I had to try again. This time it was different. The care and love that I received was extremely special, from the office manager to the nurses that drew my blood on a daily basis. It truly felt amazing. My process was via egg donor for a 2nd time – 3 years later. And it worked!! I am the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl. And this is all thanks to Dr. Berin and her will to not give up. I highly recommend Dr. Berin; she is caring, thoughtful and understanding. Along with her wonderful staff, they all put an ease as you start this process. Your hand and heart is held all the way through.